Diabetes and itching are a common combination. Blood vessel damage, nerve damage, and dehydration are caused by high blood glucose. These conditions often lead to dry skin problems. If left untreated, dry, cracked skin may lead to infection that in turn may lead to more severe diabetic complications (Dlife.com, 2011).

Diabetes itching may also be caused for a number of different reasons. Learning about these conditions can you to avoid the progression of these problems and decrease the severity of where they might lead. Yeast infection, poor circulation, fungal infection, and bacterial infections are all potential reasons for itching diabetes.


Diabetes and Itching Skin


Itching with diabetes should be taken seriously because of the risks involved. As was mentioned above, infections that get out of hand can lead to more severe problems, including amputation. There are however ways to avoid itching-related infections caused by diabetes and itching skin. Much of the following diabetes and itching skin advice is provided by Askville.amazon.com:

  • Keep your skin dry and clean. Use powder to keep folds of skin dry.
  • Avoid very hot baths and showers. Use moisturizing soap if your skin is dry or lotions after bathing. Do not lotion the areas between your toes, but keep that area dry.
  • Use lotions to prevent dry skin, especially in winter.
  • Use unscented soaps and mild shampoos.
  • Use a humidifier in winter months.
  • Keep the name of your dermatologist available.
  • Drink lots of fluids, especially water, to keep your skin moist and healthy.
  • Wear cotton underwear because it allows air to circulate.


Diabetes and Vaginal Itching


One indication of type 2 diabetes is vaginal. This type of diabetes itching skin is usually caused by a yeast infection. This occurs because the yeast which is naturally present in your vagina feeds on the sugar in your blood. So in a diabetic person, the yeast multiplies at a higher rate and with a decreased immune system the “good” bacteria that usually fights off the yeast are also diminished. Vaginal skin itching and diabetes is a clear sign that your blood is not being well controlled.


Genital Itching and Diabetes


Skin itching diabetes symptoms can occur in the genital area. Usually this occurs as a result of nerve damage and is seen fairly often in cases of skin itching and diabetes. This is because so many people suffer from diabetic nerve damage. Usually a localized anesthetic is used to treat skin itching diabetes symptoms from nerve damage.


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