What is diabetes taste in mouth symptoms? Diabetes is usually known to leave a sweet taste in the mouth. This is attributed to the high amounts of sugar in the blood stream. People with diabetes are also described as having a fruity smell to their breath. This diabetes taste is a regular symptom of diabetes.


Diabetes Metallic Taste


People with diabetes often have oral problems such as oral infections and gingivitis. This is because diabetics have a higher risk of infection and more sugar in the bloodstream which affects teeth and gums. These oral infections often cause a metallic diabetes taste in mouth. Medications such as antibiotics and antibiotics may also leave a metallic taste as well.


Diabetes Bad Taste


One theory of why diabetics seem to describe a bad taste in their mouths states that it may be due to a phenomena call phantogeusia. Because of damaged nerves, a common occurrence in diabetes, people may experience a bad diabetes taste in mouth. This is caused by the diabetic nerve damage affecting the chorda tympanic nerves in your tongue. This phantom taste often disappears when blood sugars are again maintained (Ezinearticles.com, 2011).


Diabetes Salty Taste


Diabetics tend to have a salty diabetes taste in the mouth. This can occur for several reasons. First of all, diabetics are more prone to oral infections like gingivitis. Infections such as this can often lead to a salty taste in the mouth. Dehydration might also lead to this salty taste phenomenon because dehydration makes your saliva more salty. There are dietary causes as well such high amount of magnesium in your diet, potassium chloride, or fluoridated water. Vitamin B12 deficiencies may be caused by metformin, a common drug used in diabetic treatment. This may also be a contributor to a salty diabetes taste in the mouth.


Diabetes Bitter Taste


Smoking, infections, diseases and other conditions often leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Autoimmune disorders, such as type-1 diabetes, have been found to leave such a taste in the mouth. Another reason for the taste may include certain medications, dental cleanings, or oral products. As was mentioned above, phantogeusia is another reason for a bitter diabetes taste in the mouth. Talk to your doctor if you have any symptoms such as this. You may need to switch your medication or test for other health conditions aside from diabetes.