If you are tired of the high costs or side effects of medications, you can learn how to treat diabetes naturally. Natural treatments should not replace your medications or doctor’s appointments. However, by using natural treatments many people have been able to keep such control over their blood sugar levels that they were able to reduce their dosage or wean themselves off of the medications completely.

Many people have been able to reverse their diabetes simply through diet and exercise. Exercising a minimum of 30 minutes a day is basically a requirement in the treatment of diabetes. Staying as active as possible the rest of the day can really do a lot of good for your body. Playing with your kids, walking, and riding a bicycle whenever you get the chance are fun ways to stay active, and they can reduce complications such as heart disease, poor circulation, and high blood pressure later on.

Diets for diabetes carry no specifications, only guidelines. All of the food groups should be eaten daily, just like in any healthy diet, but possibly in smaller portions for a diabetic. Keep your carbohydrate intake low, and your fiber intake high. Which pretty much means eat a lot of whole grains, vegetables, and natural fruits. Avoid breads, sweets, and snacks that add carbohydrates to your diet. Some people have chosen to cut the carbs out of their diet completely and have been able to reverse their diabetes through that means.


How to Treat Pre Diabetes


If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes you will want to begin treating yourself as a diabetic now. There is still time to reverse or prevent your symptoms at this point and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. This will help you to avoid medical complications later on.

There is much information out there on how to treat pre diabetes through diet and exercise. To gain basic knowledge of what foods to eat and the best ways to stay active, try visiting trusted websites first. Websites which can help you learn how to treat and manage diabetes include the American Diabetes Association website (Diabetes.org), the National Institutes of Health Website (Nih.gov), and the Joslin Diabetes Center website (Joslin.org). These sites are devoted to diabetes research and education. Other websites such as Webmd.com and MayoClinic.com are very helpful as well and hold a good reputation for their information. These websites can also help you learn how to treat gestational diabetes.


How to Treat Diabetes without Medication


Many people can keep their blood glucose levels on target without medications. It takes a healthy diet, exercise, and losing excess weight. However, many people with type 2 diabetes cannot keep their type 2 diabetes within range even despite their best efforts. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Through the use of traditional herbs, there are ways to reduce your medications until they are no longer needed. You must work with you doctor and retain a healthy lifestyle while attempting this though.

Daily doses of onion, garlic, and cinnamon are an easy way to keep your blood sugar levels under control. These have also been known to reduce chance of heart disease, cholesterol problems, blood pressure problems, and circulation problems. Doses of cinnamon can be added to meals, and it only takes about 10 grams a day. People with liver problems should not attempt this though, as cinnamon is hard for the liver to filter out.


How to Treat Diabetes in Pets


Caring for your pet can be difficult when they are diagnosed with diabetes. You have to take pretty much the same steps as if you were treating yourself for diabetes. Your pets cannot take these steps themselves, but they know that you are there for them. Read the following to learn how to treat diabetes mellitus in pets.


How to Treat Diabetes in Dogs

When your dog is first diagnosed with diabetes, your vet will provide strict guidelines that will help you correctly manage the diabetes. He or she will also provide you with medications to reverse this condition. Severe cases may require insulin injections that you many have to do yourself. Low fat and low sugar meals for your dog will also be required, and you will be given a list of foods that your dog isn’t supposed to eat.

Do away with commercial dog food, and prepare your dog’s food yourself. Fiber-rich foods are best. Monitor what your dog eats, and lessen portions at mealtime to help your pet lose weight. Extracts of herbal plants such as bitter melon, fenugreek seeds, bitter gourd, and turmeric can made into tea to help keep the blood sugar levels in your dog constant. Try adding a small amount to water until he/she gets used to the taste.


How to Diabetes in Cats

Learning how to treat a cat with diabetes isn’t easy, but unlike humans, with proper care reversing the disease is easily within reach. Obese cats are more likely to develop diabetes. Limit the amounts of snacks and treats, feed only the recommended amounts, and feed your cat foods that are high in fiber. Small meals throughout the day are best. Many cat return to normal through diet and weight loss alone.

Sometimes the blood sugar of a cats or dogs can swing dangerously low. Shakiness, disorientation, staggering, falling, or seizures can be signs of this. Keep an emergency sugar source on hand in case this occurs. If you see any signs, rub some on your pet’s gums and call a vet immediately.