Diabetes is a complicated chronic disease that affects millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of people worldwide. When most people think of diabetes they think of sugar. Yet, understanding diabetes requires the knowledge that diabetes can affect every system of the body, leading severe complications. Type 1 diabetes is an insulin-dependent form that most often appears early in life when an autoimmune response triggers destruction of pancreatic beta-cells responsible for producing insulin. Type 2 diabetes is often called adult on-set diabetes and it is non insulin-dependent. Scientists continue to research the exact mechanism that triggers type 2 diabetes, however there are several heightened risk factors, particularly obesity. Insulin resistance or dysfunction characterizes type 2 diabetes, meaning cells become less receptive to the effects of insulin and/or the pancreas produces insufficient amounts. The importance of insulin is its role in the metabolic process. When food is consumed, it is turned into glucose to be used by cells. Insulin is responsible for activating cells to absorb glucose for energy. When cells develop a resistance to insulin or there is insufficient insulin in the blood, glucose remains in the blood and is flushed out by the kidneys. Cells consequently go without energy leading to feelings of exhaustion and tiredness.


Understanding Diabetes 12th Edition


H. Peter Chase of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation first wrote Understanding Diabetes in 1970. The book addresses diabetes mellitus in a direct and scientifically accurate manner. Understanding Diabetes is an all-encompassing guide to the understanding and management of diabetes mellitus types 1 and 2, focused on providing information and tools to children and their families. Often called the “Pink Panther Book”, Understanding Diabetes uses the pink panther and other pictures as a learning tool for children and teens. Published by the Children’s Diabetes Foundation, the 12th edition and its companion book are available for $20.00 and $12.00 from their website (http://childrensdiabetesfoundation.org/publications.html). Understanding Diabetes is divided into 28 chapters explaining what diabetes is, the functions of insulin, specific complications in management, nutrition, feelings, sickness, particular age concerns, management away from parents, and many others.


Understanding Diabetes 11th Edition


The 11th edition of Understanding Diabetes has gone out of print. The full book and it’s companion book A First Book for Understanding Diabetes are available in non-downloadable pdf from on the Children’s Diabetes Foundation’s publications page (http://childrensdiabetesfoundation.org/publications.html). The companion book provides a brief summary of the 28 chapters covered in the larger book and can be a good introduction before more in-depth reading in the larger Understanding Diabetes. Printed 11th editions and companion books are available on book selling websites such as Amazon.com however prices range from $100.00 to $300.00.